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Arranging Office Furniture 101

Everyone knows what an ideal office space should look like. Quiet, tidy, conducive to work, free of distractions – we can all picture it. But what if there were more than the essentials – perhaps even a strategy – to the ideal office space? What if something as simple as the arrangement of your furniture could make or break your ability to get work done, and get it done well?

Actually, office furniture arrangement means more than just making your space more aesthetically pleasing. How you place your furniture can have a huge impact on productivity, general attitude in the office, stress levels, energy levels, employee satisfaction and more. Here are some tips and tricks taken from office veterans and feng shui experts for arranging your furniture in a way that will maximize your time in the office, help you put your best work forward and keep your staff happy.

Keep Pathways Clear

Not only will clearing the pathways and walkways in your office reduce the number of bumped shoulders and bruised shins, it can also reduce employee stress and even remove potential fire hazards. Move all filing cabinets, trash cans and shelves to the wall, and get any unnecessary furniture (like coffee tables or bookshelves) out of the room. The more space you have to walk freely, the more freely energy and ideas will flow throughout your office.

Be Conscious of Good Lighting

Lighting is possibly the most crucial aspect of any office space. Good lighting can increase productivity while helping your employees keep a positive attitude. There’s nothing more depressing than waking up to sunshine outside your window and having to go work in a dark, dreary office.

If you’re lucky enough to have an office with natural light, use it! Natural light is proven to boost health, benefit vision, heighten productivity, improve mood and help us sleep better at night. Try to place desks with the employee’s back to the light. This positioning will reduce eyestrain and fatigue as well as limit your staff being distracted by what’s happening outside the window.

If your office lacks excellent natural light, don’t fret – a good lamp will do the trick.

Keep Important Things Within Reach

If your employees have to travel far to get a file, they’re likely to get sidetracked or procrastinate on the work they need to get done. Avoid hindering productivity by keeping file cabinets easily accessible, if possible. Check out our inventory of lateral and vertical file cabinets to find one that fits your spatial needs.

The Command Position

If you have a personal office with a door, use this tip from the art of feng shui. When arranging your desk, work with your back to a wall (or window, if you can use the above tip!) and your body facing the door. In this position, you have the best visual of your space and are ready for any incoming visitors. According to feng shui, this simple adjustment will put you in better control of your life and your business.

“Please, Have a Seat.”

Nothing looks less professional than having a visitor come to the office and having nowhere for that person to sit. Arrange extra seating around your office in case an important visitor or client comes by. Remember our first tip: Keep pathways clear. Try putting chairs in corners or against walls to avoid adding extra clutter. If you’re in need of some new chairs, take a look at our selection – we offer everything from luxury leather chairs to comfortable conference chairs.

Give these tricks a try for your office furniture plan – we think you’ll be amazed at the difference you see in your work, your employees and yourself. Most of these tips don’t require spending a dollar, but if you find yourself needing a certain piece of furniture to improve your office space, explore our online selection of both new and used office furniture here. We look forward to helping you find the perfect piece at an affordable price, so reach out to us today!