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How To Keep Your Office Furniture in Top Condition

Your office is your place of business – your place to be productive, to focus and to further yourself professionally. Whether you work for yourself or you’re one of many employees in the workplace, your office should be a place where you can accomplish the day’s tasks efficiently. The environment you create within the four walls of an office can have a huge impact on how effectively work gets done there – and the state of your office furniture is part of that equation.

Keeping your office furniture in good shape contributes to your productivity and that of your employees as well – and, consequently, to the success of the entire business. We’re not saying that a broken wheel on your office chair is going to cause real harm. But it’s important to maintain

a certain standard so that your workforce can thrive.

When it comes to the furnishings in your office, there is some office furniture maintenance you can do to keep the office looking good while simultaneously extending the lifetime of your furniture.

Office Chairs That Last

1. Tighten the screws and bolts on your office chairs every six months. If this seems unreasonable, make it a point to do it on any chairs that are used more than half of office hours.

2. Ensure that arm rests are at the correct height so as not to bang into a desk or table every time they’re pushed under. These office chair adjustments can mean the difference between banged up furniture and solid, intact pieces.

3. If you’ve got any upholstered office chairs in your workplace, they’re inevitably collecting dust and grime. Vacuum them a couple times every month to prevent buildup. And use an upholstery cleaner once a year for an extra freshening.

4. Vacuum leather chairs a couple of times each month, followed by a wipe down with a damp cloth. Treat the dry leather with a leather cream every few months to keep it in good shape. And keep the chairs out of direct sunlight and away from strong heat whenever possible.

5. And about those squeaking chair wheels: Every few months, vacuum out any dust or hair that’s been trapped around the wheels as they roll across your office floor. You’ll also want to use a lubricant to keep them turning smoothly.

Office Desk Upkeep

1. Wipe desks down on a regular basis. A clean cloth can be used for quick dusting. For cleaning, use a damp cloth with mild soap. Additional cleaning products may be used for some desks, depending on the finish. To be safe, it’s best to check with the manufacturer so you don’t cause damage to the surface.

2. Use coasters for drinks to prevent damage to desk surfaces, and clean up any spills immediately. Or – if it’s too late – water marks on wooden desks can be treated with mayonnaise, toothpaste or baking soda.

3. If you have dings and scratches in your desk, try rubbing them with a mix of half lemon juice, half olive oil. Alternatively, they can be mitigated by rubbing nut meat on them. Just try to match the color of the nut (walnut, pecan, almond, etc.) with the color of the desk’s finish.

4. Rotate accessories on your desktop periodically. And when you do move items, lift them instead of dragging them.

General Furniture Tips

1. Keep furniture away from anything that emits great amounts of heat, as any large fluctuations in temperature will age the furniture faster.

2. Avoid placing rubber or plastic items on your furniture for extended periods of time, as the finish of some furniture may be damaged by them.

Consider marking two days a year on your calendar to remember furniture repair. Perhaps when daylight savings time begins and ends are good biannual days for the job. Keep your office furniture looking good, and it will serve you well, lasting through the years and supporting the work you do every day. If your furniture has reached its expiration, check out what we’ve got available here at Office Furniture, Inc. today!